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Your donations help build strong foundations for the future of our children.

$ 2,085,000
Donations include fundraising from PriceSmart Club members, individuals, partners, and any other patron.

Campaign details

100% of member donations collected in the campaign go toward providing school supplies, books, educational materials, and equipment for public schools participating in our program.
Our annual campaign runs October through December in PriceSmart clubs in the countries where we operate, and on PriceSmart.com.
Donations that are collected in a given country are invested in that same country, to bring the benefits of Aprender y Crecer to thousands of students in public schools in our community.
To ensure authenticity, our campaign maintains rigorous security measures, communicating solely through our official channels:

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Together, we can work for
a better future for our children

Since 2007, PriceSmart's annual fundraising campaign, Juntos Por La Educación (Together for Education) has raised over $16 million from PriceSmart members, and $6.5 million in matching funds from Price Philanthropies Foundation. These funds allow us to expand Aprender y Crecer to more schools, and offer the program's important benefits to more students, families, and communities.
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