Celebrating World Sight Day in the Dominican Republic

November 17, 2022

The Aprender y Crecer Vision program launched in the Dominican Republic just days before World Sight Day, which is celebrated every year in October. This is a global event meant to raise awareness about eye health.  

Carlos Izquierdo, PriceSmart’s Director of Optical and Audiology was on-hand for the launch.

“Expanding the footprint of the Aprender y Crecer Vision program to the Dominican Republic is a tremendous accomplishment that would not be possible without everyone working together. Seeing how the Aprender y Crecer team efficiently screens thousands of kids is fantastic, allowing our optometrists to focus on the children who fail and need further testing.”
Carlos Izquierdo helping a student choose frames.

Leveraging the optical centers at PriceSmart clubs throughout the region, Aprender y Crecer is offering vision screenings to the more than 135,000 students at public schools that benefit from the program. Students who are found to need vision correction will then receive an eye exam as well as a pair of eyeglasses, all free of charge.

PriceSmart optometrist Paola Zuñiga giving an eye exam.
“Our optical team is committed to ensuring the success of the Aprender y Crecer Vision program. As an eye-care specialist, there is nothing more fulfilling than providing eye care for those who need it, more so when we are improving the lives of children!  I am honored to be part of this program,” continued Carlos.

This vision program is currently being implemented in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, and is expected to expand to Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, and Panama in 2023.

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