PriceSmart cashiers are the stars of the Juntos por la Educación fundraising campaign

December 1, 2023

Aprender y Crecer’s annual fundraising event, Juntos Por La Educación (Together for Education), would not be possible without the dedicated, enthusiastic cashiers at PriceSmart. They are perhaps the only employees at PriceSmart with whom members interact, making them an integral part of the campaign’s success. Really, the cashiers are the stars of the show.

Cashiers show their enthusiasm to members when they explain what Aprender y Crecer is about and invite them to donate.

“It’s about the tone of voice you use, the manner in which we treat members. I try to be very helpful. There are members who prefer to use my check stand because they know I will treat them well. You need to know how to interact with people,” explained Rosa from PriceSmart Panama when asked how she has been the top fundraiser in her country the last three years in a row.

Rosa Serrano

Rosa also volunteers during the delivery of school supplies and books to the schools sponsored by Aprender y Crecer and wishes members could participate, “… so they can see what their donations accomplish.”

Veronica from PriceSmart El Salvador has been the top fundraiser in her country the last 5 years. “I like the mission of Juntos Por La Educación because it supports education in my country. I’m motivated by the students and what is done for their schools, and knowing that I’m helping the program by asking members for donations.”

Veronica is encouraged by the members who donate regularly.  She mentions a business member in particular who shops every Friday at PriceSmart and always donates $25.  Members like that are, “key to the success of the fundraising campaign.”  It is not easy to request donations from each member yet she encourages her co-workers to reach out to each and every one of them and offer them the opportunity to contribute. “If one member can’t donate at the moment, keep trying because you never know if the next one will.”

Veronica Lopez

PriceSmart’s cashiers are the backbone of the annual fundraising campaign.  From the first smile to the final “thank you,” they are the face of both PriceSmart and Aprender y Crecer as they process transactions, promote the campaign, and build relationships with members. Through their continuous efforts, they help to make PriceSmart a better corporate partner in the communities it serves.

The Juntos Por La Educación campaign will be in PriceSmart clubs, and at through December 24, 2023.

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